I betrayed her trust

by | Jan 14, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Six-month undercover
Living in ‘ The Creggan ‘
Got myself a girlfriend
An Irish girl called ‘ Meggan ‘

Sometimes forget I’m ’ Army ‘
No ‘ Sir’s out on the street
No bull*** with the uniform
No Officers to greet

A ‘ Handler ‘ I’ve not seen for weeks
No word from him I’ve had
I’m living on my wits out here
I act like ‘ Jack-the-lad ‘

But inside I am terrified
I might talk in my sleep
My girlfriend’s Father’s I.R.A.
I know I’m in to deep

It took six-month to gain his trust
Informers, Touts run rife
His Daughter then convinced him
“ I’m soon to be his Wife ! “

I’ll break her heart when I have gone
And ‘ Come in from the cold ‘
I really have grown fond of her
With her I could grow old

To live with them, you turn like them
I’m trying not to change
Each day I feel more sympathy
I’m working out of range

I can’t forget I’m Army
A mission to complete
To infiltrate an A.S.U.
Whilst thinking on my feet

I cant get near her Father
Protected by his men
The Top Man in the I.R.A.
Who plots to kill again

Then one day we are all alone
Her Father and myself
I look around for weapons
A bread knife on the shelf

He turns his back, his trust complete
I’m family now at last
The knife it ends my mission
He gives a final gasp

I left him on the carpet
His Daughter she would find
I didn’t leave a note for her
I couldn’t be unkind

I walked away through ‘ Derry ‘
Another rainy day
At last back to my comrades
And a posting far away

I sometimes think of ‘ Meggan ‘
And things that might have been
Does she know I killed her Dad ?
Since then I’ve not been seen

To be a ‘ Black Ops Soldier ‘
There’s no-one you can tell
I do what I am sent to do
Someday I’ll go to Hell !


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