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I came and watched my Funeral
The strangest thing to do
With lots of friends and family
Sitting in The Pews

I looked down on my coffin
An empty shell within
A temporary vessel
To keep my spirit in

The casket lost my interest
It’s purpose fully served
A symbol now for Mourners
Much more than I deserved

My Wife, my Son, my Step-sons
Sitting all together
Crying at my passing
They thought I’d live forever

I stand behind my Wife
My love for her still smoulders
I kiss her on the lips
And hold her crumbling shoulders

Her crying halts, her breath is held
A tingling on her lips ?
She puts her hand up to her face
With trembling fingertips

The moment it soon passes
Her shoulders turn back slack
Just a breeze, blowing through the Church
She knows I won’t be back

I want to tell you “ I’m ok,
I’m with you in your grieving.
I haven’t got much longer,
For soon I will be leaving “

But now we live on different plains
Mine Spirit, yours on Earth
Not able to communicate
Just like we were at birth

My Mother comes from out the mist
“ Come Son, we must go,
Just walk into The Light,
And join us in The Glow “

“ My Earthly heart still loves you ! “
I try to tell my Wife
It falls on silent eardrums
I’m not now part of life

The Light is like a magnet
Still pulling me away
I let her go, remove my arms
It’s then she starts to sway

My energy has drained her
She faints onto the floor
“ Good-bye my Wife, I love you “
She answers “ Love you more ! “

For one brief moment, we were one
Our frequency’s combined
She’s coming round now, getting up
Our Souls no longer blind

Although her tears still flow
She has this knowing smile
She now knows I’m ok
Across those endless miles

So now I go, with happy heart
No longer need to stay
She knows she’ll join me one day
She knows that I’m ok

She leaves the Church still smiling
A friend says “ You must miss him ? “
A secret knowledge in her eyes
She knew who she’d been kissing


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