I cant take it anymore

by | Mar 3, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I can’t take it anymore
These feelings of despair
I want to tear out my hair

I have always worked hard
For everything I ever had
It’s been hard
But I never turned bad

You hear it all the time
All they do is whine
There’s nothing to do
I hate my life BOO HOO!
I’m so bored with this place
I need to escape from the rat race

Well this is your place
And you are part of this rat race
Do you really need to get off your face?
What is it exactly that you want to do?
Because when you are asked you don’t have a clue

I will not tell you what to do
Sometimes I don’t have a clue
But this much I know
In a blink of an eye you can die

So what if you don’t sometimes get what you want
Would you swap with the starving millions in Africa?
I think not
This life is short and it can be filled with disappointment
But more often than not we can laugh through all the rot

It’s not a dig or a go at the young
But I do remember how to have fun
And it never involved a gun

Aim high and have some respect
How many more parents must cry?
Because their child is high
And they can’t even answer the question WHY?


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