I close my eyes and l am there

by | Jun 23, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I close my eyes and l am there
I can feel the hot sun on my face
And the dust on my skin
The weight of my kit as it starts to dig in

I see the enemy move into position and they start to fire
The bullets whizz by just over our head
You better keep low or you will end up dead

I grab hold of the gun and line up the sights
As I pull on the trigger it bursts into life
Two groups of men on opposite sides
Now fight for their lives

The exchange goes on
And our guns sing their song
The smell of battle hangs heavy in the air
There’s no time to be scared

As quickly as it started this battle is over
And the dead lie strewn on the ground
Their lifeless bodies now make no sound

I look up to the sky and thank god that I survived
But l am saddened by death
A 7.62 has taken away another man’s breath

I reflect on what has been done
And I look to myself and relive what was done
Have I just killed someone with this gun?


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