I Do Have a Dad

by | Nov 16, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

When I was a youngster in junior school
The other kids would tease me and I’d feel such a fool
They would call me names, some I didn’t understand
But I would fight back with a slap from my hand

Every chance they had they would scream and shout
Saying I didn’t have a Dad and I would give them a clout
Then when they would crumble, start to cry and yell
A teacher would catch me and I’d be given hell

I couldn’t tell Mum, what on earth would I say
The other kids said I had no Dad, again today
One day I would show them to believe in me
That my Dad couldn’t be here, he was away at sea

We would have parents nights and kids would all go
With their Mum’s and Dad’s and I envied them so
Christmas nativity plays, they would all be there
With Mum’s and Dad’s and at me they would stare

On sports day I was so proud that I had won a race
And I looked round to see that familiar tanned face
In his navy blue uniform, looking so smart and grand
He swung me around and then took hold of my hand

My smile was so big I nearly swallowed the school
They could now eat their words, I was nobody’s fool
I could see their envious eyes following my sailor Dad
That shut the lot of them up and I was no longer sad


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