I Followed

by | Jun 9, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I followed my father and his father before
All of us some time have fought some wars
But different types which we all took in our stride
Back then being young there was nothing to hid

The things that we’ve seen and things that we’ve done
In service to the crown remembering the fun
We were soldiers all served with pride
But what has remained burnt deep inside

The drinking the violence and all the torment
I don’t think in the brochures this is what they meant
We were all soldiers, the brave who stood tall
Fighting the battles or tackling brick walls

The scars that are left burn deep inside
The militaries way of making them hid
They don’t exist well that’s what they say
Let them all live just one of our dark days

We served our time and others followed on
But their time will come when the wars not won
Come home to a world you don’t recognize
Foreigners in this country who only despise

Will they be told just as we have been
That what they are dreaming, what they have seen
Is all in their imagination and no need to frown
Its all part of your life Serving for the Crown


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