I Found Serenity

by | Nov 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I got out of the car and walked into the woods
Sick at heart with my life in the mire
When I found a pathway of fresh mown grass
My curiosity was now set on fire

It led to a church yard, through a small iron gate
With twisted old yew trees so splendid
Headstones were old and covered in moss
The place was tiny and immaculately tended

The ancient local grey stone of the structure
Caught my eye with its round towered end
I had to go closer to have a good look
And found a large oak door round the bend

I hesitantly turned the black iron ring handle
To my great surprise it swung open
The impact of inside was of such beauty and peace
Till then my beliefs had just been a token

The oblong inside was freshly painted white
With black beams arched overhead
Dark oak pews would seat only thirty or so
The floor was marker stones for the dead

The altar seemed to be a shimmering gold
With sunlight sending rays all around
At the circular end, with a stained glass window
Stood an old font with a wooden surround

I sat in a pew and was suspended in time
Such serenity had never touched me before
I felt I was in a great presence of love
I “believed” when I walked out of that door


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