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I had a dream of glory,
That man would live in peace,
That all the wars through out the world,
Would stop and all the killings cease?
I had a dream the world was free,
From famine and decay,
That all of those that suffer,
Their pain would ease away.
I had a dream I heard a voice,
It whispered in my ear,
Go forward and spread the truth,
And nothing will you fear?
I had a dream that all was still,
That peace was in place of war,
That all the people on the earth,
Would never fight any more.
I hope the dream I dreamed was true,
For the world is a wonderful place,
For men to lose the gift from God,
To destroy would be a waste.
So let us all dream a wonderful dream,
I am sure that day will come,
When men will do the work of God,
Just to see that his work is done.


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