I Kissed You Goodbye.

by | Mar 18, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

Oh Wendy, my Wendy the light of my life
My friend and my soul mate, my lover, my wife
Now taken by Angels, from me and our home
Sad and heartbroken, I’m left here, alone.

My memories uphold me as I remember each day
Our years spent together ‘til you were taken away
Now my life is so empty, without you by my side
I feel my life ended, on the day that you died

I held onto your hand as you took your last breath
I was right there by your side, at your moment of death
With my eyes filled with tears, I did weep as you die
And I gently leaned over, and I kissed you goodbye

Oh Wendy, my Wendy, I miss you night and day
So sad and distraught since you were taken away
When my time comes and I’m free from anguish and pain
Then, I know in God’s care, we’ll be together again


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