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As I have travelled the highway of life

I have met many characters along the way

But the one who has interested me the most

Is the one whom I meet every day

He is with me when I wake up in the morning

He is with me when I retire to my bed

He is responsible for everything I have ever done

And every word that I have ever said

I sometimes think that two people live within my soul

Who try to tell me what they think is right

There is one that fills me with apprehension

And another who says that everything will be alright

There is one who tells me I should look at life

And then to continue on my way

The other said that there is someone in trouble

And it is my responsibility to stay

There is one who says that my life’s work is done

And that I should sit back and take my rest

The other said that this would lead to stagnation

And my interest in life will lose it’s zest

I often ask myself the question

Which of these two would I rather be

I don’t really have a problem with the answer

For I know for certain which one is really me


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