I Know I will Meet You in Another Place

by | Dec 7, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The pain is here
While you are not
The wind echoes in the empty places
While the coyote laughs
Dancing in the moonlight
At my lack of understanding

I know that one day we will meet again
Where the snow is crisp
The winds don’t chill
Where the sunshine warms
Not beats down and sears
Where the warmth of your presence
Is a constant companion
In the calm air upon my face

There we will we meet
Over the rainbow
In the lands of dreams
Where we talk as before
While laughter echoes
Through the once empty canyon
Of my heart

You are not gone
Merely waiting for me
Until my task is done
On this patch of ground
Called Mother Earth

For you came like a phoenix
Bright and incredible
Burning red in the blue of our lives
You loved us greatly
Showing us how to love
Despite our flaws
Which caused yet greater love

But I know
When my days are done
And all about is just shadows
That I will meet you in another place


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