I know that you are sad

by | Mar 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I know that you are sad
And that you really miss your Dad
And that you know he is somewhere bad
But he is your Dad
And for that we are glad

He misses you so
Of that you definitely know from his letters and calls
But we know that he does not tell all

At night when it’s quiet
He says your name into the wind
Knowing it will be carried over to you
If you really listen you will hear
A gentle whisper from far away
Your Dad sending you his love

I am far away and doing a job
Which has taken time away from you?
But this job I do is so worthwhile
To see the people we help and bring back their smile
For that the time that we have sacrificed
Is so worthwhile

I am your Dad
Of that I am so glad
This time apart has really broken my heart
But my days to do are getting few
And very soon I will be back home with you
You’re loving Dad
Who will always love you


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