I leave you as you sleep

by | Jul 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I leave this letter darling
‘cause I am off to war
I said I’d never leave again
My love for you I swore

I have to do this sweetheart
There’s no way I can stay
Our debts they keep on stacking up
I need to earn some pay

So to Iraq it’s now I leave
A private soldier I
This time to fight for money
Our bills are just so high

I couldn’t tell you face to face
You’d never let me go
I’ll think of you both day and night
Just thought that you should know

Forgive me for departing
Without a last goodbye
I’ll be back home by Christmas
With presents all piled high

I’ll keep my head down that I’ll swear
Alive to earn some pay
I’ll brush my teeth most mornings
Change ‘ Boxers ‘ every day

Tell the kids I love them
I’ll see them very soon
And if they want to talk to me
Just talk up to the moon

The same moon that I’ll see each night
Up in that twilight sky
Just tell them that I’ve gone to work
When they keep asking why

I know you’ll say I’m selfish
That I just want to fight
But have you watched me dreaming,
And screaming in the night ?

If only I could tell you
The terror night-time holds
You’d understand I have to go
I cannot face ‘ The Dole ‘

I need to quash these Demons
Confront them once again
In this my final battle
At home then I’ll remain

I’m crying as I write this
For leaving you behind
But let me do this one last tour
My life I’ll then rewind

And if I don’t return to you
To those I love so well
Be proud of me my darling
‘cause I’ll have been to Hell


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