I Remember

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I remember
The teardrops that will not fall,
As the gunfire destroys them all
Each one that grew will now drop
One heart stopping with every shot
The daybreak now turns to blood
As the bodies of the dead begin to flood
The trenches filled with a war marathon
The reminiscence of our pal’s battalion
My comrades of which I spent my time
Have all been sacrificed to fight and die
All smiling as they left my side
Never threatening to say goodbye
Each hoping of sweet returns
But none fulfilled, my heart yearns
To join them in that awaited place
The smiles still painted on their face
Like a picture taken with due care
Each tattered shirt, each mangled hair
The same of which I saw them last
As if no time at all had passed
Since the day I was rendered of my friends
No time to apologize, make amends
They were snatched from me by the hands of fate
My dream of meeting again will have to wait
I look forward to the “we’re proud of you son”
Knowing that my job was done
They will take me in with eyes so sombre
And I will join them in eternal slumber
They will congratulate me truly, and will say
“Life is a cruel price to pay
Yet we are the dead, so celebrate life
Even though it’s filled with grief and strife
The fighting’s end is about to begin
So listen to the starling sing
As even though each sunset you’ll watch with none
Remember that our time was done

Your time is only about to start
And even though you’re breaking heart
Will miss us deeply, don’t be scared
Because in time the wounds repair
So even though we’re not here with you
Your country will join you too
So you will never truly be alone
Even when you see each breaking bone
Each cry of anguish, each shouts for death
Take it in the strongest breath
As remember we are the ones of long ago
A legend of the battle in tow
We will never remain those in shroud
As remember we are still very proud
Serve our duty, live our lives
Say hello to our children, to our wives
And make for new when the wars of end
And remember, we’ll always be your friend.
And with that, I remember why i’m here today
I have a duty, a price to pay
Over the trench lies unspeakable pain
But still my heart will never twain
I am the brave, the chosen, the true
I know what I’ve been sent here to do
And even though my blood will be shed
I am prepared for the worst, as I do not dread
The thought of spending eternity with my troop
A fate of which I’d happily stoop
To spill blood for my countries sake
Is an aim I am willing to take
To show them I am no coward, no fray
To make them believe each word I say
To make them believe we’ll win this war
I’m writing this because I know what I saw
I remember what I did, I remember the strife
But most of all, I remember my life.


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