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The time I met you Darling in Roberts Coffee Bar
Was the time I met you dearest and loved you from afar?

The time that you cleaned the window in the Home & Colonial store
Was the time I waited across the road so I could see you more?

The time at Lucy marshals’ upset and so distressed
Was the time we were together, didn’t matter about the rest

The time that your dear father had to coax you out the door,
Was the time that we got married, you really weren’t quite sure

The Time of our Wedding night, some thing I remember lots
Was the time we stayed up late together washing all the pots?

The Time for crackers and coco sticks firmly in my head
Was the time in your mum’s front room, upon the sofa bed?

The Time we had so much fun frolicking on the floor
Was the time you had our daughter who could ever ask for more

The Time we spent such long nights, worrying about our son
Was the time that brought us closer, knowing we were one?

The Time our daughter’s illness together with such despair
Was the time we shared together such tender loving care

The Time I came from the Navy, a new son and on half pay
Was the time we pulled together and you guided me all the way.

The Time our kids left home dear gone all the noise and Hell
Was the time we found alone dear we got on rather well

The time you broke your leg upon those nasty canal banks
Was the time you showed your guts and never got any thanks

The time I broke my hip and knee in the little blue motor car
Was the time you carried on with things and loved me from afar?

The time I finished shift work at the local Power Station
Was the time I became your helper filled with admiration.

NOW’s the time, the years gone by, I love you more and more
Is the time I’m sorry, that I can’t get from the floor?


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