I see I feel

by | May 9, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I see with my fingers
And I feel with my eyes
The colour of rainbows
With their whispering sighs.

As I smell the rich earth
I then sail with the clouds
Through torment of people
As each gathers in crowds.

I feel pain of childbirth
And the fear of a child
Like a weeping willow
Stood alone in the wild.

I hear the earth groaning
In the shadow of death
A shiver runs through me
Someone takes his last breath.

The deep heat of the sun
Burns poor wilting flowers
Whilst the river runs fast
Enraged by the showers.

Cold ice burns the climber
As he grapples for life
Yet the grey mountain goat
He just seeks a new wife.

And whilst life comes and goes
And yet it still lingers
I just feel with my eyes
And see with my fingers.


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