I Stand And Fight

by | Oct 28, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Twenty-four hours to deploy
Hang over us for almost two months,
Forcing us to embrace life with joy
And ignore the fear within our depths
I stand and fight.

The call arrives, as come it must
You smile and touch my cheek.
I squeeze your hand and kiss your lips
I will not show that I am weak.
I stand and fight.

The children running, excited and flushed,
Don’t know the force of this goodbye.
They wave and run alongside the bus
But don’t see your chest heave with a sigh.
I stand and fight.

Each letter read aloud with pleasure
Does not tell the miserable truth.
Each call received, a moment’s treasure
The love that’s shown a solid proof.
I stand and fight.

Children clinging, out of sorts.
My job depressing, a dreaded drudge.
Housework growing, a losing sport.
No-one senses my growing grudge.
I stand and fight.

Months have stretched to days remaining,
Soon we will celebrate your return.
Butterflies of anticipation needing taming,
My need to see you a constant burn.
I stand and fight.

The marching over, a cry: dismissed!
We run to you with a resounding cheer.
A thousand times you are hugged and kissed,
Your smile even bigger as you take the beer.
I stand and fight.

Routine returns, we are one again,
Reasons for happiness are many and plenty.
But watching you I see your pain
And when you look at me, your eyes are empty.
Yet I’ll stand and fight.


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