I Stood I Saw I Wept

by | Nov 8, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I drift peacefully off to sleep
I find myself being lifted into space
My spirit floating over land and sea
To a far off sandy place

In this place I see young men
Who should be fresh and full of life
Battle scarred and hardened
From the troubles which are rife

Here they stand in body armour
With a weapon in their hand
Searching for an enemy
That hides out in the sand

Suddenly there’s a deafening noise
“Incoming” a soldier shouts
I stood and watched them fall to the ground
As the warning sirens scream out

I saw the fear upon their faces
As another rocket fell
It was then I wept right then and there
These men were based in hell

I wanted to wrap my arms around them
To protect them all from harm
But all I could do was stand and watch
Until everything was calm

I stood and watched the armoured tanks
Set off at a pace
Heading for a rendezvous
With the forward operating base

The soldiers on the FOB
Had been ambushed late at night
I saw the devastation
Something was not right

I wept so uncontrollably
For a brave soldier sadly died
“He never had a chance” they said
“There was nowhere to hide”

Then I stood and watched the plane
Come slowly into land
There to take those fallen soldiers
Away from this hell in the sand

I saw those brave young soldiers
Standing with tears in their eyes
Watching their brothers returning home
After sacrificing their lives

I wept so much for these brave young men
Who still had so much to face
Praying that no more will be harmed
And they’d soon be out of this place

The time then came for my spirit to return
To my body slumbering back home
I stood; I saw and wept once more
Before I left those brave soldiers alone

When I woke I remembered my journey
I vowed that I would tell
All my friends and family
About our soldiers who are fighting in hell

The respect we must give our brave soldiers
Should never ever cease
Let’s hope and pray that some day soon
Each one will see some peace



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