I stood there solemn staring at the ground

by | Nov 5, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I stood there solemn staring at the ground
Whilst all around there was no sound
For two minutes we stand still and all are quiet

I think of those who are long gone
No longer able to sing their song
For they have gone before their time
They laid down their lives so I was free to enjoy mine

Listening to nothing but the thoughts in my head
So many battles so many dead
Their names carved in stone now ready to be read

I think of my Grandad and what he went through
A whole world at war called World War Two
I hope for his sake there is never another
He always felt bad for his lost brother

The silence is over and those lost souls must not be forgotten
For a world at war is so rotten

But we never learn and we will do it again
For deep down we are but men


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