‘I think of love’

by | May 3, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Some dark nights, when just a pale moon adorns the sky
I think of love and then, I think of you and I
Just how the Gods had sent you down for me to love
Yet how they guide life’s fragile journey from above.

I sit and count the twinkling stars that fill the skies
Bitter teardrops are then falling from my very eyes
When I think yet once again how love can end
A love, that once I thought the Gods did send.

You told me, as breezes kissed the Summer trees
Then had me crying down upon my bended knees
Oh death! Where is thy vile and final bitter sting
Where is the peace of mind, that only death can bring.

Oh death! I fear you not, and open wide mine arms
So kiss me now, and so enfold me with your charms.


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