I Was Watching Bonanza

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

On December 8th in 1980
A guy shot a guy in N.Y. City,
You may say well that’s a pity,
But you can get shot in N.Y. City.
This trigger happy MORON,
Killed non other than John Lennon.

18th September 1970 R.I.P. Jimmy Hendrix,
4th October same year Janis had the same FIX,
Roy Orbison died 6th December 1988,
24th November 1991 Freddy would have the same fate,
Rory went 14th June 1995 seems like the fashion,
1st December 2001 and it was George Harrison.

4th April my birthday and no cause to sing,
1968 someone shot Martin Luther King,
You will ask what’s this to do with BONANZA?
22nd November 1963. I Was Watching BONANZA,
This was the start of a tragedy,
That would haunt the family of J.F. Kennedy.


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