I wish

by | Aug 20, 2008 | Poetry | 1 comment

I wish this world that we live in
Could be a better place
Where people live in harmony
Regardless of colour, creed or race

I wish that all religions
Would learn to compromise
Accept the many beliefs we each have
Never questioning reasons why

I wish that politicians
Would give us actual proof
That the promises they make have our best interests at heart
And they can start by telling the truth

I wish that all our brave soldiers
Didn’t have to fight a war
Fuelled by religion and politics
That’s not worth dying for

I wish for no death and destruction
From dictators spreading their hate
Through poisoning the minds of young ones
Determining their fate

I wish that all of our children
Would be free and safe from harm
So that they can build a better world
Filled with love and peace and calm

I wish that all the Angels
In the skies so far above
Will always be there beside us
Protecting us with love

I wish that people would stop
And think about what they can do
To change this world into a better place
To help these wishes come true

What a wonderful world this would be
If all these wishes came true
All I can do is pray that they will
And hope you will do to

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  1. Mac

    SO prophetic in some ways considering what we are facing around the world today.

    Beautiful poem Michaela, thank you.


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