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I wish that I could speak the words

I know that others long to hear

To make the problems they must face

Seem simpler and a little easier to bear

I wish I could give everyone a sense of purpose

Something that they feel they could achieve

If only they would make a little more effort

Now they have something in which they can believe

I wish that I could set the prisoners free

Not those confined within the prison wall

But those whose lives are hedged with doubt and fear

And who can make no sense of life at all

I wish I could give peace to those with a guilty conscience

Those who know that they have failed the test

When asked to provide a service to another

Thy know that they have not done their very best

I wish that I could heal the broken-hearted

Remove from their mind all that gives them pain

To give them a vision of a brighter future

And help them to enjoy their life again

If only all these wishes could come true

It would help to make my life more worthwhile

For the greatest happiness that we can ever gain

Is the pleasure of making another person smile


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