If Only

by | Mar 17, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

If only I was in the political game
I’d be the Prime Minister, shooting to fame
I’d put right the country with some flare and fashion
Caring for people with lots of compassion.

If only we all had a real true friend
One who stands by you right up to the end
Who no longer says, “It is you, it is me”
But tells you instead, “It is us, it is we.”

If only I could stop famine and war
Then peace on Earth, would reign evermore
There’d be no hunger, no sickness, or pain
Folks would be happy and smiling again.

If only man round a table sat down,
I’m sure a solution could easily be found,
Then in this world no one need be lonely
We’d all live together. If only…if only.


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