If only she’d listened this time !

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Looking for an ideal subject to groom
Social networks he scours day and night
Patiently waiting, it doesn’t take long
He spots a victim just right

He sends a message to his chosen subject
A polite but friendly “Hi”
Innocent it seems, but if truth were known
It’s devious, cunning and sly

He approaches his subject slowly at first
“Hi there, how do you do?
I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward
But I just love the photo of you”

His subject responds, with a flirty refrain
He knows then he is on to a winner
So the grooming begins, he starts tempting her in
Like a snake lying in wait for its dinner…

He asks all the usual questions
As one does when two people first meet
She answers freely, what harm can be done
This guy seems awfully sweet

She comments on his photo,
On his six pack and muscular chest
And that on a scale of one to ten
He’s way ahead of the rest

She talks to him for an hour or so
Then says she sorry, but she really must fly
She has to get sorted and ready for bed
But she’ll chat tomorrow, goodbye

The next day dawns, her head’s in the clouds
She had the most wonderful dream
She hopes it comes true, but vows to play safe
And not come across as too keen…

Months have passed by, she’s totally hooked
Every night she spends hours on line
Chatting away to the man of her dreams
Thanks to him, her life is divine

He continues to woo her, it doesn’t take much
His subject is easy picking
Keeping his cool, he pops the question
Her destiny now rapidly ticking

‘Why don’t we meet up, if you want to that is?
It would be great to meet up face to face
We can go for a meal, go Dutch if you like
I know a fantastic place”

She ums and ahs for little a while
Then thinks what the heck, where’s the harm
A meal and drink, some friendly banter
This guy is just bursting with charm

Invitation accepted, time and place are agreed
She can’t believe it she’s finally dating
He’ll send a taxi for he may be a bit late
But not to worry, he won’t keep her waiting

The day arrives, she’s dressed to kill
So nervous she paces the floor
Her mother smiles and gives her a hug
As the taxi pulls up at her door

“See you later, don’t wait up”
She shouts as she waves goodbye
Then into the taxi she’s on her way
To meet her amazing guy…

Along a secluded country lane, a man walking his dog
Spies something ahead in his sight
Running in front the dog stops and barks
Something isn’t quite right

There by the road side, a young girl lay
Her naked body is battered and bruised
Carefully he tries to find a pulse
This girl’s been savagely abused

He calls the police, his voice is shaking
Within minutes they arrive at the scene
They question the man, did he possibly know
Who this poor girl might have been…

Frantic with worry, her mum paces the floor
She doesn’t normally stay out all night
“Where could she be? Why isn’t she home?”
Something just doesn’t feel right!

She picks up the phone but before she can dial
There’s a very loud knock at her door
Through the window two policemen are there
What could they be calling for?

She opens the door, frozen with fear
Her feet are now glued to the spot
She convinces herself that it’s just a mistake
But deep down, she knows that it’s not

They show her a photo of her only daughter
She can’t help but break down in tears
That one single photo, opened the door
To the worst of all her fears

She warned her daughter so many times
About giving personal details to strangers online
But she wouldn’t listen; now her daughter is dead
If only she’d listened this time!


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