If Only

by | Feb 18, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

If only the vandals
Did not smash the school windows
And spray their tags on the walls

If only the nerds and mini gangsters
Didn’t carry a knife or a gun
How do they think that this is fun?

If only the father
Can ask the nerds to move on
Without fear of reprisal
Why is there so much hate?
When asked to move away from someone’s front gate

What has happened?
Where has our society gone wrong?
Have we lost our way?
What is happening nowadays?

Can you remember the days gone past?
When you and your neighbour could have a laugh
You might think that I am daft
To hope for so much

Just remember this poem
And all that it states
As you my young friend
Will grow up one day
And wonder who it is that stands at your gate?


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