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Watch for me when I have gone
I could be a moth, I could be a Swan
A bird on your shoulder, a feather from high
I could be a cloud, way up in the sky

The signs will be there
If only you’ll see
The energy I’m sending
To you, from me !

Relax in bed and read my poems
The poems I wrote for you
Think hard of me my sweetheart
To help me to come through

I never meant to leave you
Alone and full of sorrow
My time on earth was finished
So remember me tomorrow

The times we spent together
So short they seem to you
Are timeless in this afterlife
You’d marvel if you knew

A flickering of light-bulbs
Could it possibly be me ?
A message from the voids of Space
My Spirit’s energy

That aftershave I used to use
You smell it with such ease
Is it me that you hear breathing ?
Or the whisper of the breeze ?

The softest touch upon your neck
The hairs alive and stiff
The question that is on your mind
“Is it me ? “ “What if ? “

Look for things that don’t exist
And always be aware
I’ll always be around you
When life just don’t seem fair

Though we’re apart, you’re not alone
Nothing’s as it seems
Sleep soundly my dear Soul-mate
I’ll meet you in your dreams


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