I’m a cheeky young chappy

by | Aug 12, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’m a cheeky young chappy, cheeky that’s me
I live in a mansion near Clacton-on-sea
I play in the sand with me bucket and spade
I wear designer sun glasses but me mates call them shades

I go home in the evening before the sun fades
I drink soup from a basket served up by my maid
I feel a bit tired my eyes feel like lead
I’ll walk up the stairs and fall into bed

Early next morning before the cocks crows.
I’ll go down to the beach before anyone knows
I like to go swimming but I swim like a brick
Me mum thinks I’m funny but me dad thinks I’m thick

I’ve got a wee friend called fanny macfee
We sit on the grass and sip cups of tea
Today I feel lucky I’ll ask for a kiss
She will probley say no Jim I’ll give that a miss


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