I’m a Soldier, get me out of here

by | Jul 10, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

I live on different levels
Most days I’m not myself
One day John, next day Jim
It’s not good for my health

I don’t know who I am today
I could be you, or him
But when I enter ‘Derry ‘
I must turn into Jim

My cover is all shaky
Been doing this to long
At home I whistle ‘ Danny Boy ‘
Or hum an Irish song

I want them to extract me
To ‘ Come in from the cold ‘
I fear I’ll be discovered
And won’t get to grow old

My task today, a watching brief
An ‘ Eyeball ‘ on the ‘ Players ‘
But what if they all ‘ Suss me ‘ ?
And peel away the layers

First they’d find an ‘ Irish Jim ‘
But deeper they’d find John
A Corporal in the army
The British sent along

An infiltrator in their midst
To me they’d show no quarter
They’d torture me until I talked
A lamb sent to the slaughter

These thoughts I must chase from my head
Or I’ll stand out a mile
They’ll ’ suss me ’ in an instant
And put me straight on trial

My bottle’s gone, I can’t go in
The pub door stands before me
I’ve seen to many deaths inside
No more I want to see

I turn around, the panic close
I want to run away
But years of training stop me
And I decide to stay

I turn back round, inhale the air
Expel the breath of fear
Although my hands are shaking
I really need a beer

I’ll carry out my mission
And chance my luck tonight
I’ll not show that I’m frightened
Not show I’m numb with fright

Tomorrow I shall see the ‘ Boss ‘
Tell him I’m a coward
I know that I’ll be ‘ RTU’d ‘
My mates at me will glower

‘ Post Traumatic Stress ‘ they’ll say
What’s that when it’s at home ?
They’ll stick me on a desk job
No longer I shall roam

So I shall ask for discharge
Unfit for duty, sick
Leave the unit that I love
Destroyed by some ‘ Daft Mick ‘

I’ll follow all the other lads
Off to Iraq I’ll go
‘ Freelance Soldier ‘ I’ll become
Then no-one has to know

I’m not afraid of fighting
I have no fear of dying
But Ireland’s not the place for me
To say so, would be lying

Just get me out tomorrow
An early evening flight
I’ll feel the English breeze on me
If I survive ‘ Tonight ‘


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