I’m an asset to you darling

by | Dec 11, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

I’m an asset to you Darling, my Dear, don’t you see
Instead of any other, I’m afraid, you’re stuck with Me

I must be an asset Darling, surely it must be
Apart of course for my grey hair and my injured knee,

There is another item, with out me being flip
The matter of the five screws, repairing my right hip

Then the subject of my heart of course, now and then it skips a beat
But I’m an asset to you Darling; I worship at your feet.

My blood, Wrong, as well, in so many different ways
Another asset Darling, I’m sure my name you praise

Surely an asset Darling, Alone just You and Me
Just wait awhile, I’ll be right there, with a smashing CUP OF TEA


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