Implanting peace

by | Apr 4, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

The pangs of inevitable alienation
The agony of inescapable situation
Reflects the plight of human desperation
In the present wave of war-frictions.

In a bid to stem the tide of aggression
And to wipe-off the stains of emotion,
The peace-shattered, peace-loving human
Cries for peace, cries for consolation.

Of what use is the conflict-path chosen
Which may leave the world of humans
Into a massive grave of mass skeletons
Devoid of nature, devoid of any human.

Confined to deep thoughts of aggression
Confined to acts of revenge and rebellion;
Implanting “Peace” in place of retaliation
Though a task hard, is a fertile option.

Citizens of the world, awake and reckon
A bleak future should not be the option,
Our inner-self, definitely would awaken
Through civilized thoughts of compassion.


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