In all my Night and Day

by | Mar 18, 2013 | Poetry | 0 comments

Bring me sunset in a cup
That I may drink its pleasure
Taste its sweetness and its fire
And know a love beyond measure

of poppies flocked in golden wheat
In the dying blood of the sun
Bringing me consolation

Bring me the moon on a saucer
That I may lap its treasure
Taste its milky-white delight
And know a love beyond measure

of jasmine entwined in a leafy arbour
Scented ‘moonlight of the grove’
Bringing me amiability

Bring me dawn on a silver platter
That I can swallow deep its pleasure
Taste its honey-coloured glow
And know a love beyond measure

of daises in a dew-drenched meadow
Unfurling their petals in burgeoning light
Bringing me ‘my eye of the day’

Bring me the sun in a china bowl
That I can sip its promising treasure
Taste its orange-scented heat
And know a love beyond measure

of a single Gerbera on a solitary stem
Corolla of radiant vermillion
Bringing me warmth and happiness

Then let me pour them freely
Into all my night and day
And speak the language of flowers
To know a love beyond all measure


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