In an English country garden

by | Aug 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I sat alone in a quiet room
I gazed from the window
And saw Flowers bloom
To form a floral picture there
Of a typical English Garden
The lawn now green from a Winter rest
Where Daffodils and Jonquils show best
Amongst Snowdrops and Tulips
In a wonderful hue
Here and there some Marigolds too
Budding Roses standing bold
Waiting their outer leaves to unfold
And display the beauty hidden there
A sign of the loving Gardener’s care
Keeping them free from bugs and mites
That seem to fill the air
Which now is filled with a fragrant scent
Is this what Mother Nature meant
Or was it merely heaven sent
To an English Country Garden
The lawn is mowed to perfection
Not a weed nor clover is seen
Even the edges of the flower beds
Trimmed with a blade so keen
Shredded bark in abundance
Strewn on the Rose beds with care
In a concentrated effort to assure
No weeds are growing there
There’s a sign of the Peonies nudging through
After their winter rest
Always hoping for a windless June
So they can look their best
Here and there among the beds
Fuchsias Blues & Mauves & Reds
Hoping their variegated heads
Will set up a radiant glow
But the Flower that is my favorite
From South Africa it came
Is the lovely Osteospernum
Or an African Daisy by another name
But I mustn’t forget the stately trees
That afford the garden some shade
The Flowering Cherry, Apple and Pear
Their blossom and fruit well displayed
And they are also haven to our feathered friends
Be it Summer Winter or Spring
And as you casually stroll in the Garden
Hear the lovely creatures sing
All a part of Natures Rich Tapestry
Throughout the hours when it’s light
But then comes the Shadow of Eventide
Followed by the silence of the night.


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