‘In Gods Sight’

by | Apr 24, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Do thee thus think the world is at thy beck and call,
with place reserved for thee in hallowed hall?
Doth thee then think that Angels whisper soft thy name,
or in Gods kingdom, thy can play this childish game?

A wicked game of lust and cheating loves own heart,
the weapon thee did use, right from the very start
Now I kneel on bended knees in solemn prayer
whilst thou just play your churlish games without a care.

God looks down upon thy ever-chequered board,
and arms his vengeful Angels, with a mighty sword,
for if in sight of God, thou doth not mend thy ways,
the gates of Satan; they stand wide for thee today!

Tenacious love of the Lord shines on the right,
ever guarding his flock of truth, with all his might!


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