In memory of my Dad

by | Jul 17, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

As I gush forth with deep dark emotions
Dredged up with pain from life’s torrid ocean
I contemplate all that has gone before
Leaving me adrift on war’s bitter shore.

I suffered life a tormented child
Always unruly, and extremely wild
Bereft of having a father at home
I so had the urge to constantly roam.

Mother was strong, but extremely hard
Never missing the chance to mark my card
With her strong right hand, and her sole intent
She quickly taught me life is only lent.

Then just in time to save my worthless core,
My Dad then came home from the first World War
At last I stood tall, with Dad at my side
To always help, and be my constant guide.

Dad gave me the strength, and the chance to grow
Also the will to see the world we know
With his guidance, I joined the British Forces
With iron will to succeed on all courses.

The Army of course was my only choice
First to gain, a Warrant Officer’s voice
I gained my merits, and earned my rank
And even managed to drive a Tank.

Next choice of call, was the Special Forces
With climbing the Fan, and other courses
Finding my feet on Escape and Evade
Then join my squad, on a block busting raid.

After many an escapade; home again,
Only to suffer the most bitter of pain
For whilst I’d been earning my Army keep,
My dear Dad, he had taken the long sleep.

God rest in peace Dad.

You did your bit..AND MORE!

I miss you!


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