In memory of the fallen

by | Apr 1, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Look to the skies
On a crystal clear night
For there spread before you
Is a wondrous sight

You may be wondering
What’s all the glory?
Just hold on a minute
And hear my story

On September 11 2001
America’s world tore apart
Evil was unleashed that day
It struck right at their heart

Then over to England
This evil curse spread
Creating havoc and mayhem
Leaving innocents dead

So decisions were made
And tactics were planned
To stamp out this curse
In its own home land

Coalition forces deployed
From land, sea and air
To rid our world
Of the evil hiding there

Its five years on now
There’s no end in sight
And while evil still lurks there
We’ll stand and we’ll fight

And for each life that is lost
A new star will be born
Shining down on the earth
From dusk until dawn

You see stars hold the spirits
Of those lives now fallen
Our brave men and women
Whose lives that were stolen

But their memories live on
In those stars up above
They’re resting in peace now
Still holding our love

Now look to the skies
On a crystal clear night
You’ll see spread before you
A truly, wondrous sight.


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