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He shouldered arms and went to war
just like so many men before.
He did not question right from wrong
but prayed this war would not last long.

He left his wife and family.
He fought to help keep others free.
From Iraq to Afghanistan
he served with pride, this quiet man.

A letter written to his dad
gave voice to feelings that he had.
“The cost is high. I’m sure I’ll find
before it’s done, I’ve lost my mind.”

“At times it’s hard to carry on.
Most of the mates I had are gone.
With strangers now, alone I stand
here in the Province of Helmand.”

“I find it hard to write like this,
I guess its family I miss.
Don’t you worry, I’ll do better
when I write you my next letter.”

Five days on, fighting Taliban
the Unit lost another man.
One more brave soldier returns home.
Another family’s left to mourn.

Please, God in Heaven, let there be
no more young men lost overseas.
Protect them all from day to day.
Bring them home safe O Lord we pray.


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