In my youth

by | Jul 11, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

When I was strong in my youth my son,
When I was young and so in my prime,
There wasn’t a pace that I could not set
Nor a mountain that I could not climb.

When I was strong in my youth my son,
When I was so brash and sure like you
I then served with the Nations very best,
And to beat me, there were very few.

In strength of my very youth my son
During the many a battle fought
Fought with the strength of a lion my son
Just as the Army training had taught.

They taught me to fight to win my son
Yes always to fight hard, and to win
Some Civvies said that to kill my son
Was indeed a most terrible sin.

The Military built me strong son
They built me very strong and quite sure
Then quickly sent me away my son
To go fight in an Asian war.

What I saw, and things I did my son
Proved the many a pacifist right
Blood fire and violent death my son
Are certainly NOT a pretty sight.

I’m no longer as strong as you son,
Maybe the years I have left are few
Always remember that you my son,
Can be strong, but always gentle to.


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