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Are a patchwork blanket
Where angels sit having a picnic
Are they big balls of cotton wool or candyfloss
Is someone hiding among the clouds
Sometimes they get angry and cry.
Maybe they can see what we are
Doing to our world

Amanda Rapley-Redfern
Age 14
St Piers, Lingfield, UK

E nigma
P aranoia
I gnorant
L onely
E mbound
P ersistant
S eizures
Y Me ?
From Amanda’s sketchbook,
Submitted by Jan Hedger

no title
The soul of the earth
runs through my veins,
 I feel the tree life dashing
from scattering rain.
 Red, green, Yellow
are the colours
of the chattering leaves
dancing merrily
to the tune of the breeze.
 The drizzling, fluttering, fleeting rain
skitters all around again,
to light up the woodland lane.

 From Amanda’s sketchbook,
Submitted by Jan Hedger


The Pansy
inside the pansy a new universe,
the ladybird chases aphid
through petals and stalks to the edge of the world.
dewdrops like stars
catch the ladybirds eye,
stargazing in awe at the night sky.
me and the lady bird sit together in the garden,
contemplating the universe beyond the pansy.

From Amanda’s sketchbook,
Submitted by Jan Hedger

everything is alive in nature,
always never sleeping,
resting sometimes, but never sleeping.
the wind , trees, birds, foliage always awake and beating.
it is this life which gives breathe and spirit to people,
being part of this is what seems to make people truly happy and
whether taking care of the land, craftsmanship or simply country
the infinite pattern of nature I cannot comprehend.

From Amanda’s sketchbook, 2007
Submitted by Jan Hedger


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