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Love is lost, love is found
A wedding ring is gold and round.

A circle never ending
A band of hope and light
It binds us both together
Protects us through the night

Till early dawn is rising
Till night becomes full day
I’ll hold you in my arms my love
My bright and shining ray

A golden light around you
A halo round your head
An energy within you
Like sparks along our bed

We lie entwined together
Two bodies formed as one
Entangled in the sheets of life
Like music without song

We pay the World but little heed
The outside World looks in
We care not what they say or see
Our love is not a sin

Your tears they fall like melting snow
No smile upon your frown
I’ll always be here for you
To lift you when you’re down

Tears upon my pillow
Are they yours, or mine ?
Do spirits cry, I wonder
From heaven, where you lie

Since the day you left this world
As quickly as you entered
I talk to you each lonely night
Does that make me self-centred ?

I lay beside you every night
Although I cannot touch
An angel in our bed of souls
I miss you oh so much


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