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‘ Horton ‘ is a village
Just this side of ‘ Staines ‘
It never snows in Horton
It’s always wet, and rains

‘ Santa ‘ always finds us
Hidden as we are
He tries to use his Reindeer
But sometimes comes by car

Santa’s always wandering
A Traveller just like me
I have one of his fairy’s
A’top our Christmas tree

I’m really good at Christmas
I love this time of year
And if I’m especially nice
He brings me lots of cheer

I get lots of nice presents
But never will forget
Those kids I see less fortunate
It is my worst regret

The kids that have no Parents
Those that live in ‘ Homes ‘
All the kids in hospital
Spending Christmas all alone

So Christmas morning, bright and early
Sitting by the tree
I spare a thought for all those kids
Less fortunate than me

To all those children everywhere
No presents for you bought
I wish you ‘ Happy Xmas ‘
You’re always in my thoughts


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