In The Light Of

by | Sep 6, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Barbed wire on the beaches
Shrapnel in the streets
Blackout curtains at the windows
Keeping in the light

Down the air raid shelter
Huddled under the stairs
Hiding like rats in a cellar
A candle for a light

A screaming sound then silence
The bomb exerts its force
Destroying an entire street
In one flash of light

The A.R.P. stands watching
Alert and on patrol
For a second they do nothing
Blinded by the light

With calloused hands they dug
To free the injured folk
As firemen aimed there hoses high
To douse the blazing light

Many didn’t make it
And many tears were shed
Prayers were said to guide them
In God’s eternal light

Upon the news of the surrender
Fireworks lit the sky
Bonfires burned and beacons blazed
In defiant light

No air raid warning sounded
Folk slept safe in bed
And new horizons beckoned
With the dawning of the light


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