In the midst of battle

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In the midst of battle
I heard a cry for help
Battle raging overhead
As in my trench I knelt

Help me came the cry
I don’t want to die alone
Please can someone hear me?
Was followed by a mournful moan

I made my way over
To whence the call was made
To find a lonely soldier
Who was lying in the shade?

As I reached that soldier
His eyes were filled with fear
His wounds alas were fatal
He thanked me as I drew near

He pointed me to his pocket
A letter he received from home
It read if you should die in battle
Make sure that you are not alone

Read to me the wounded soldier asked
So I read his letter again
A smile came across his lips
As though he was in no pain

If you should die in battle
Make sure your not alone
You will be taken care of
As though you were at home

Whoever reads this letter?
I thank you with all my heart
For I know my son was with someone
Although we are all far apart

With dieing breath he said thank you
In that shade ware he lay
I closed the eyes of that soldier
As he slowly slipped away

The irony of this story
He was the enemy of the other side
But never the less he was a brother
Who on the battlefield had died?


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