In the shadows

by | Aug 25, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Itʼs not fair this beast can hide away,

Trick into thinking everythingʼs ok,

Lurks in the shadows and waits to take,

The laughs, the smiles, the fun you make.

One minute happy with smiling wife,

The next dark thoughts of taking life,

The faces you thought you put away,

Are now again, in the light of day.

No comfort found in the knowledge of,

His ability to jump and threaten love.

Watching, waiting, until youʼre not aware,

Then cuts you deep without a care.

Missing mates cause the pain, of course they do,

Remembering all the things went through,

The emptiness and feeling alone,

In the chair, in the room of your very own home.

A small price to pay, for seeing my girls,

Grow up into adults, in a free spirited world,

Sees the faces of pals, no longer here,

Just makes him hold his little girls near.

So to all who have served and in fact still do,

Some of us out here know what you go through,

Stay strong, never yield, not pausing the fight,

So the world can stay safe in itʼs bed at night


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