In the wake of reflection

by | Jun 21, 2009 | Stories | 0 comments

The sun broke through the clouds, shining its light upon the puddles, left by the downpour of rain. At one, a woman stood, looking down on her reflection. It scared her, frightened her, and disturbed her; where had the girl gone? Her innocence sullied and spoilt by him.
Shaking the droplets from her umbrella, she snapped it shut and stirred the water with its point, till it became muddy and unclear; as muddy and unclear as her mind felt at this present moment.
To the side of her, stood a greater body of water, a lake; calling her.
‘Come into me and allow yourself to sink to my silted depths. Know life no more and free your mind from this burden you carry. Cleanse yourself in me.’
The woman moved closer to the edge. A second beam of light, stronger than the first, shone with such brilliance, it bought forth a rainbow.
She faltered, hesitated and instead of stepping into the water, she climbed onto and rode the rainbow bringing colour back to her life.


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