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Half asleep and half in dream…awakened by an awful scene
Overhead they seem to scream……above my little room
1, 2 then 3 …..4,5,6,7 hells teeth that might be 8!
Explosions all around it feels, shock after shock wave as the walls vibrate
And then that very eerie sound… that sound of silence
The minutes pass and not a thing until the tangy starts to sing……….all none essential staff to stay inside all none essential staff to stay inside…..but what does that mean ……I do not know
Should I stay or should I go, no that’s it stay put as I am not in the know.
In the distance, the faint sound of sirens, fire engines wailing at the smoke and fire
At speed they race like horses on the prior getting louder and louder but this is no town crier
To extinguish danger to restore the peace but they do not yet know what they have to face
Ambulances now taking up that chase…………we have been caught off our guard I hope everyone’s safe
All Clear All Clear All Clear All Clear
Get showered get dressed and get to work but the sirens? They still are going berserk
I have no idea as to what has been or who is hurt or worse it seems. But what I do know is: that this was not a dream.
Reports come in the news not good, every man every woman did what they should
But in this place, some say it’s only time, before one or more, had put their life’s on the line.
Its over for them have paid the price, they can do no more than that, the ultimate sacrifice.
It breaks the heart, it rips into the sole, it hurts so badly, the tears the anguish it makes you feels so cold.
Our comrades gone, great friends to some. We have to let them go. There is nothing now, for them, that can be done, but pray.
But we will always, always, remember them.


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