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Another familiar day turns to night,
another day closer to the homeward bound flight.
Servicemen move around, each lost in own thoughts,
some dressed for battle, some wear nothing but shorts.
The siren wails with its chilling sound,
like puppets, strings cut, we all drop to the ground.
Face down in the dirt with racing pulse
we wait with the hope that the warning is false.
Alas no, too soon comes a distant thud
and with it a tremor that’s felt through the mud.
More impacts rumble as we struggle to hear
if the next round to land will be anywhere near.
Throughout the attack the siren screams;
a relentless echo that will haunt my dreams.
Time stops. The ground rises with an ear-splitting crack,
senses reel, eyes tight shut, everything black.
Its okay, it was close, but this time we’re safe
The rockets fell short, relief comes in a wave.
Hands shake. Alarms silence. Quietness descends.
Alone now, just waiting for the stillness to end.
The All Clear is sounded, we rise from the floor
and return to the normal routine of before.


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