Infants tears for infanteers

by | Mar 31, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

So young so bright, tall and lean.

Fine young soldiers still nineteen.

Mother’s sons not long left school.

Smart in combats, feeling proud and cool.

Is this why their called INFANTeers.

They all stand out from the crowd.

Shoulders back, heads high and proud.

Faces clean and freshly shaved.

Though not always well behaved.

Is this why their INFANTeers

Some trips away, they have been to war.

Their eyes that say, seen it all before.

They meet a woman in love they fall

They leave again before their child can crawl.

Is this why their called INFANTeers

The aircraft sits upon the pan, as six friends carry off the man.

The Union Flag upon him layed, his wife his child always prayed.

Children with tears in their eyes wondering why their daddy died.

Infant’s tears for INFANTEERS

Whiskey 30


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