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In the darkness I would take…

Sunlight glistening in a crystal pool
A maharaja’s princely jewel
Peacocks’ tails enwrapped in silk
A cow called, Daisy, whom I’d milk
That bounden promise few men keep
A feathered bed where I might sleep.

Into the darkness I would take…
A poem composed by William Blake
A rose once pressed within a book
Upon whose beauty few would look
A memory cherished long ago
By someone whom I’d never know.

Into the darkness I would take…
Suzi’s smile, and Franses’s too
And Jean’s eyes sparkling like the dew
An S-chair where fond lovers sit
Two swallows who would weave and flit
That raucous laughter children make

Into the darkness I would take…
The wings from off an angel cake
A lawn that I need never rake
A leaf fallen off a willow tree
One tear of sorrow shed for me
A pearl from off the Pearly Gate
Into the darkness I would take.

An artist’s palette full of paint
A halo plucked from off a saint
The glowing embers in the grate
A robin perched upon the gate.

Into the darkness I would take…
A mechanical songbird whose soulful song
Would make me think of days long gone
When spring lay fragrant in the air
All Life was stirring everywhere…
There, in the darkness, I might find
Some true contentment of the mind.

Into the darkness I would take..
That book that’s never truly read
Whose pages turn within the head
A block of clay to make some pots
To fill them up with happy thoughts
And, one thing more, I’d also bring
Six words within a posy ring-
‘Light lives on within the heart’
And with those words I’d greet
the dark…


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