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Red tunics with stay bright buttons Glistening in the sun.
Bearskin hats from which, the kerb chain is hung.
Shamrock on the collar, buttons in groups of four
British Infantry soldiers, but also so much more.

Whitened buff belt sling and frog,
Where the bayonet does fit.
Brass buckle with our motto
Quis Seperabit.

Black razor shape creased trousers, with red stripe so fine,
Fall onto the 2nd lace, of boots polished to a deep shine.
The colour of the plume, is St patricks blue,
Worn on the right hand side,
These immaculate soldiers, wear their uniform with pride.

Officers carry swords,
Warrant Officer’s, sword and pace stick.
Other ranks have rifles.
Together affectionaly known as the Micks.

Courageous when in battle,
wherever the battle has been,
Sworn to defend our country
and to protect our queen.

Many sleep in war cemeteries,
In the country where they fell.
These men we owe so much too,
Who suffered a living hell.

These brave men from Ulster,
Eire and throughout the UK.
We are so very proud off,
Much more than words can say!


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